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Forex Trend Detector

Forex Trend Detector

 Forex Trend Detector is a stable-profitable robot for MT4, which works on a real account and has received more than 600% profit since launch. In other words, if you are interested in the issue of automatic Forex earnings, then this trend advisor is one of the candidates for a profitable investment.

 As for the Forex Trend Detector algorithm, it is fully consistent with the name of the robot. This expert trades only in the direction of the main trend, and for entering the market, he chooses impulsive price jumps, indicating the resumption of the main trend.

 At the same time, the robot enters the market at once with several transactions, for which it is necessary to set a stop-loss. Further, each transaction fulfills its own algorithm: one takes profit at an insignificant level. And the second and third with different step settings trawl the trend to the “victorious end,” allowing the user to derive maximum profit from the market.

10-Year Backtest

The algorithm has been tested, reviewed, refined, and re-tested to ensure that we have the most powerful and robust tool in the market. Forex Trend Detector EA is an innovative FX Expert Advisor programmed by professional traders of the WallStreet Forex Robot team, which has been put into action hundreds and hundreds of times, successfully generating unlimited profits over and over again.

11-Year Backtest

Forex Trend Detector Expert Advisor was designed to guide one of the industry’s most respected Fund Managers with over 15 years of active trading experience.

The volatility breakout strategy isn’t new. It’s not gambling on an untested technique. Volatility breakout is the #1 technique for thousands of highly successful fund managers, institutional buyers, and investment houses.

Forex Trend Detector uses a cutting-edge polynomial algorithm that adjusts system parameters in real-time.

You can easily set it up within minutes, simple to activate—built-in money managements settings, newbie, and experienced traders friendly.

Forex Trend Detector’s greatest advantage: Adjust to the market continuously; that’s why this Forex robot is still profitable for years. You get full support and the team is always ready to help you!

Forex Trend Detector EA can work with EURUSD currency pair only. You can find the best settings for this pair or improve settings which come with EA by yourself if you want.

It isn’t affected by emotions, negative circumstances, or even the need to meet daily physical demands. It just keeps working, programmed with 100% market evaluation and implementation.

Benefits of Forex Trend Detector
  • FTD Advisor works only towards the main trend. This strategy is safer compared to counter-trending and scalping systems.

  • Expert monitoring is carried out on a live account and earned more than 600% of its profit.

  • Robot monitoring has been underway since 2014. That is a fairly long time, which indicates this expert's trading system's stability in the long term.

  • FTD developer is a team with a good track record in such profitable robots as WallStreet Forex Evolution and WallStreet Forex Asia. That is, Forex Trend Detector is developed by a team of professionals and is not a one-day “dummy.”

  • The Forex Trend Detector cost is quite low, as for an adviser with such a percentage of earned profit and a long period of use history on a real account. In other words, if you decide to buy Forex Trend Detector advisors, then this will be a very profitable acquisition.