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Cryptocurrency bot CRYPTOHOPPER

 First of all, we have to define exactly what Cryptohopper is. The Cryptohopper is a bot that automatically executes buy and sell orders for the respective customer according to the desired settings. Also, Cryptohopper manages your cryptocurrencies and exchanges them according to your wishes on other exchanges and exchanges. To make this possible, you have to create API keys in its exchanges so that external applications such as Cryptohopper can access your Exchange and communicate with it. Cryptohopper can request information about your assets in your Exchange and, if the settings in the Exchange have been made correctly, Cryptohopper will also be shown them.
With these API keys, Cryptohopper has the option of making sales and purchases through limited orders. Limit orders are orders at fixed prices. You can set yourself how long this order should be open until it is either fulfilled or deleted by you. Limit orders are the only orders that your hopper can make with an API key. You can set your hopper to act according to certain strategies. Cryptohopper also states that it is the only program that follows signals.
What are the signals? Signals are triggers set by people who look at the course of the market and the respective currency and set signals to buy and sell based on special knowledge. You can subscribe to special signal generators and automatically act on their signals. Each of these people has a result report, and you can see how effective their signals have been in the past.

A test in the Cryptohopper demo account
Is Cryptohopper Scam or Not? In our short Cryptohopper test, we got a good insight into how the website works. However, you would have to do a much more intensive test run to say with 100% certainty that Cryptohopper is fraudulent or reputable. However, one comes to the conclusion that it is a graveside. It permanently points out the dangers of trading online, and you only pay the monthly contribution, which can also be paid via PayPalThis minimizes the risk of cryptohopper fraud.
Despite all knowledge, losses cannot always be avoided. The hopper is only your tool, which acts according to your regulations. There are already some ready-made strategies under the item "Strategies," which are explained in more detail in the forum and how they exchange ideas. Then you have to select the number you would like to buy, with a minimum value of "one." Your hopper then scans the entire market in the interval that you previously booked. There you can specify the number it should buy with each scan. The process for selling is the same as for buying.

Is the Cryptohopper app serious, and what are the trading results?
 After reading through thousands of reviews and filtering out those that are obviously wrong or written by frustrated investors who have lost money, you get a pretty good picture of Cryptohopper. In the instructions on the website, many positions are reminded that you can win money and expect high losses. However, most users of Cryptohopper were very taken with it and would recommend it to others. The website is very well structured, easy to understand for everyone who speaks English, and is something for newcomers and established traders.
 The support tab and the forum make it easy for you to get started quickly. According to your regulations, you do not pay money directly into this website (unless you buy a special hopper for trading); it only manages the credit from other sites and makes purchases and sales on your behalf. In our experience, the website is not a scam, but serious and worth a look. But what you should pay attention to is that there are fraudsters here too and send you a message like this: “We have found the best settings and for a small amount, we will share them with you or download a new program.” Beware of such messages. Some of these were sent via email, Facebook, or telegram.
The trading results will always vary and are therefore not to be stated with a certain percentage or amount, as they always depend on: how much money you invest, what settings you have made, how the market behaves, whether you act riskily or rather conservatively, ...
Open a Cryptohopper account.
The Crytohopper app is also something for beginners with background knowledge who read through the forum and the help tab first.
The forum has three main categories and there are sections in six different languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, but most of the posts are by far in English. There are discussions about configurations that should be the fastest and most promising, about general topics, and content for assistance. It seems to be used very actively and is also maintained by the admins. Such a subdivision exists only in the English part and not in the other languages. There all questions are stored together in a tab.
In the support area, you will find explanations on all possible subject areas. From "How to Buy Bitcoins" and "How to Create an Account in ..." to "How Much Profit Can You Achieve," "Is Profit Guaranteed" and "Can You Have Multiple Hoppers in One Account" to "Trading," "Configuration," "Safety and Security" and so on. There is also an offer of help that answers quickly, is precise and helps you well. This seemed to have quickly reached its limits with more detailed information.
In any case, it is advisable to read a few points in the support tab and to first search the forum before you invest your money senselessly and then wonder if you lose or why you cannot cancel your hopper at that time. It also explains how to cancel orders/sales before they are carried out.

Next is the most important point. You have to set your hopper. The default template comes with a few sample settings, but keep in mind that these don't necessarily have to generate profits. The best thing is to look at the market yourself and try to find the best attitude for yourself. There are two ways to buy your preferred cryptocurrency. 
You can either subscribe to a signaling device that tells your hopper when to buy and sell, or you can make the trades independently based on your own knowledge. The most important thing is that you have made sure what is important and how you would like to act beforehand. First, you have to click on the item "config" in the left navigation bar.
 Cryptohopper supported the next exchanges:
HitBTC              OKEx                  KuCoin                  Bitvavo
Binance           Coinbase Pro        Bittrex
Poloniex            Kraken               Bitfinex                  Huobi Pro
If you would like to test whether your bot works without actually carrying out any transactions, you have to click on "live bot." Under "Output," it is then shown what your bot is trying to do and whether possible errors have occurred. Then select an exchange or stock exchange and enter your API key and your API password. Then choose a currency with which you can equip your account want. Caution is advised here! Only select currencies that you have previously learned about and that you would like to trade with.
The program is based on your strategy, which you define beforehand. To set the sales strategy yourself, click on “advanced multiple TA settings.” However, what you should always keep in mind is that you have to pay 0.5% per transaction as a fee. Therefore, the percentage profit should be at least 0.55% to not make a loss from the transactions. There are various other settings, which I do not want to go into now.