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Extreme PIN BAR Forex Indicator System

Use it to Trade both REVERSALS and BREAKOUTS.

A Pin Bar also known as a long tail bar is one of the most recognizable candlestick patterns and can be a powerful trade set up for either BUY or SELL trades. Generally it is expected that the price will continue in the opposite direction of the long tail. The fundamental idea is that the traders tried to push the market one way but failed, and so exhausting the move, price turns and goes the opposite direction. This can be especially powerful when used in conjunction with support and resistance levels! Additionally we'll show you how to use this unique Pin Bar Indicator to actually trade BREAKOUTS as well!
OUR Pin Bar indicator is Unique with built-in proprietary filters that were designed to show high-probability trade setups, not just anything that looks like a Pin Bar.  You’ll see the OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE of the "Extreme Pin Bar Indicator" (and system) in the SCREENSHOTS BELOW, but FIRST… READ ON…

Works on MULTIPLE Forex Pairs and Time Frames!

Pin Bars are Universal and can work on just about ANY market or chart. The same fundamental reasons described above AMAZINGLY happen in Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, ANY market and time frame… and our Extreme Pin Bar Indicator can be used to trade any market or instrument available in your Metatrader (MT4) Account, and you can certainly trade those... But we've narrowed down specific Forex Pairs and time frames and will share that information with you in detail when you download the indicator.

This is TRULY a Universal Indicator that can be used to identify reversals with PRECISE ACCURACY, and we include a PDF Instruction Manual SHOWING YOU various ways that the indicator can be used to trade both BUY and SELL Entries and Exits, and our SELECT Forex Pairs, Time Frames, and METHOD that we found to be most PROFITABLE!
EASY-To-Follow ENTRY and EXIT Signals:

When this unique indicator reveals a Pin Bar on the chart, you know you have a HIGH PROBABILITY Trade Setup and can take a trade with extreme confidence… 


When a Blue BUY Pin Bar appears, this signifies a BUY LONG ENTRY.
When a Red SELL Pin Bar appears, this signifies a SELL SHORT ENTRY.

As you know, Pin Bars are an amazingly high probability trade setup, and as you can now clearly see, our Extreme Pin Bar Indicator's superiority can give an incredible trading advantage...

It's SIMPLE yet mighty!
What you Get:

- The "Extreme Pin Bar Indicator" for Metatrader (MT4)
- PDF User Guide where we explain how the Pin Bars can be traded for both REVERSAL Trades and BREAKOUT Trades