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FX Apocalypto- a trend momentum system


      A trend momentum Forex Trading System
      Apocalypto Forex Trading System - When trading in the forex market, we are not limited to the time period, as it is in binary options. Such negotiation gives us a series of advantages in the market. After all, the price can often keep in the range, but if you wait longer than expiration limits us, then in most cases, we will be in profit. Although the Apocalypto trading system is designed for trading in the forex market, it can be applied in binary options.

      Apocalypto Forex Trading System - Trading Rules

      • Trading Hours: Any
      • Assets: Any
      • Term: Preferably M15 and above
      When you install the system, you will get the following in the graph:
1-Trend in the medium term
    2-Market strength
      3-Short-term trend
        4-Market momentum. The price must be in the correct position of the moving average. If the price is above, only the purchase position; if below it, only the positions for sale.
          5-Trend confirmation

              Apocalypto Forex Trading System - an example of long positions:
              Complete compliance in all indicators, the price chart is above the moving average. Then we prepare to open a position to buy:
              Complete compliance in all indicators, the price chart is below the moving average. Then we prepare to open a position for sale:

              You may be late to open the first position or negotiate conservatively and wait for further confirmation from the market. In that case, you can always look for reentry at a later stage of the movement. Condition: confirmation of the Forex Apocalypse system continued the movement in the same direction:

              Forex Apocalypto exit strategy:

              There are several ways to close the transaction.
              - At the first signs of reduced movement force
              - When the price reached the main support and resistance levels.

              Sidebar Toolbar

              The toolbar is a small indicator located in the upper right corner. It provides basic information about the market, such as:
              Currency pairs
              - Term
              - Opening time of the next candle
              - spread indicator - current price
              - Average ADR price range for a given number of days
              ADR indicators show us two time periods and the current price range (today). The first (ADR 30) indicates the average price range for the last month (for the last 30 days). The second (ADR 5) shows the average price range for the last five days.
              How to use this information in practice? First, today's scale readings tell us how much space is left in this tool until the maximum is reached in one day. If, for example, today's range shows 50 pips, and ADR (5) and ADR (30) indicate 100 pips, the instrument you are watching is likely closer to these values by typing an additional 50 pips of movement.
              Another important point in the information on ADR indicators is the change in mood and market dynamics, which can be obtained from the ratio of ADR 30 and 5. If ADR 5 is lower than ADR 30, the volatility in effect in the market is declining, and a lower price range can be expected.
              If ADR 5 is above ADR 30, it means that the market dynamics are growing, so you can count on a greater range of movement.

              Apocalypto Forex Trading System in Multiple Time frames

              The multi-term analysis is one of the best ways to ensure that our trading has a high chance of success. Traders often forget this or just ignore it because looking at just one TF is much easier. As a serious investor, you need to know that each transaction's careful analysis is essential in your job.
              What is the multi-term analysis, and how should it be used? First of all, we must consider our negotiation deadline. For example, if this M15 is on the chart, we need to check how the deadlines above are relative to our M15.
              Looking at just a deadline gives a comparable image, as seen through a keyhole. We see only part of the image, while the whole picture can be completely different than we imagine. The analysis of various time frames will allow us to find currency pairs that point in one direction in various time periods, and we should look for opportunities in such charts.
              When you look at just a period of time (especially when it's a short period of time), it can detect that a potentially good deal is just a reversal of a higher trend. Upon completing such transactions, you trade with banks and large financial institutions, exposing yourself to enormous risk.

              Apocalypto Trading System with the Trend

              Always respect the market trend. Not just short-term trends, but medium and long-term ones. Money on the market "moves" in a certain direction, and this movement is not accidental. If you can determine the trend and follow it, you have a greater chance of success. Trading against the trend, picking up tops and bottoms can bring immediate results, but in the end, it will only bring you losses and growing disappointment. The trends are mainly created by banks and large financial institutions. If they use their huge resources, you can be sure that they don't do this to earn just a few pips. Use this! The trend is your friend.

              Avoid Excessive Negotiation

              One of the biggest investor nightmares is the phenomenon known as overtrading - an excessive frequency of positions. This is usually due to the desire to open as quickly as possible many transactions and the related beliefs that we have everything under control and can respond to all positive market situations. Unfortunately, an investor who is just starting out can quickly experience several consecutive losses.
              Investors who do not consider that a large number of transactions generate a high level of stress, which, in turn, negatively affects the level of concentration. Also, this reduces the ability to accurately analyze the situation and the usual sobriety of judgment.
              First of all, refrain from fighting for profit as quickly as possible. Start trading with the minimum amount in each transaction, which obviously does not guarantee a big profit, but will not cause serious losses in the event of an unsuccessful position. Remember to do all the necessary tests in one Demo account until you feel comfortable using a real trading system.