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Forex Elite Tactics Robot

Elite Tactics is a safe and fully automated expert advisor that analyzes market most important levels and trades with pending orders for the fastest execution.
Every order is protected with StopLoss and this EA has implemented advanced filtering functions together with spread and slippage protections.
This EA does NOT use any of the dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid or Arbitrage. Elite Tactics is fully customizable by user.
This EA is not limited by trading pair or time-frame (recommended to use on EURUSD H1 time-frame. Elite Tactics default settings is also optimized for EURUSD H1.
Elite Tactics is verified on platform MT4 with real trading account and it successfully passed tests and simulations with 100 % real ticks in MT4 with variable spread and simulated execution delays as well as with 99.90 % real ticks in MT4 with variable spread.


  • Fully automated EA
  • Verified on real account
  • Passed high quality tick data strategy tests with simulated delays and variable spread
  • NO dangerous strategy
  • Low Risk – always protected with Stop Loss
  • Fully adjustable by user


  • Adapt your own risk settings according to the account equity and always verify with back-test
  • True ECN broker with low spread and VPS server with small delays is highly recommended
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD
  • Use EURUSD H1 timeframe for default settings

Trading Instructions

    1. Move EA to the chart (simply drag and drop)
    2. When pop up window appears select desired settings (for EURUSD H1 you can use default settings) also same for GBPUSD and USDJPY.
    3. If using more charts, make sure that each chart has unique Magic number !!!
    4. In settings window always adjust FixedLotSize (or RiskInPercentOfBalance when UseAutomaticLot is enabled) based on your account equity and your own trading risk
    5. Make sure you have sufficient margin to open new positions, especially if using low leverage accounts
    6. Confirm settings and let the EA trade

Trading checklist

    1. Make sure that each chart has unique Magic number!
    2. If using standard VPS server or personal PC – Make sure that “AutoTrading” is enabled in your Metatrader terminal (smiley face on the top right corner of the chart)
    3. If you are using Metatrader MQL VPS server – Make sure that “AutoTrading” is disabled in your Metatrader terminal (sad face on the top right corner of the chart)
    4. Make sure you are using charts with time-frames that you want to trade
    5. Make sure that you are using right Money management and every time verify with back-test