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ElementFX Ultimate Forex Profit Super System


When all the Elements combine, the power is unmatchable. ElementFX is a trading system every trader must have. Forex Trading gets it's own definition from this great system!

Profitable, Accurate and EASY to use!

Buy and Sell signals ready
Identifies price action on dual time frames!
Special advice options! (ideal for newbies)
Alert Window with Sound
Highly user friendly for Pro's and beginners
100% price action signals
Works on all time frames
Take profits and SL levels projected
Can be used on all currency pairs/time frames

Lets look at this chart above. As you can see it was a SELL trade! When ElementFX finds an opportunity of a good trade, it will signal you accordingly. When it says “SELL NOW” or “BUY NOW”, you enter the trade. If it does not signal you, it will say “Get Ready” in which case you would wait and do not trade. Look above the “SELL NOW” message and you will see a H1 trend and a D1 trend. What this means is the momentum of the market on the H1 and D1 trend is DOWN. When both time frames are down, it confirms a stronger SELL. This feature can be especially used for scalping. You can specify the time frames you want to see the momentum of and trade according to that. You have full control of this.

                 Second Part

Now this aspect of the software is VERY interesting. In this example it is using the basic setup with trend lines and squares, but you can add many more price lines, which you can use for Take Profit and Stop-Loss. As you can see at the top where the pink arrow is pointing, it shows live signals based on current market condition. You will be signaled when to Buy and Sell. It will give you 3 different strength indications.
              LIVE example of a BUY TRADE

This is a real-time Buy Trade. ElementFX has sensed that the market has a very strong possibility of going up for you to make some profit. You can also see that it is around the trend line which has been a long known entry for the most professional traders and bank traders. And guess what? It plots it for you on the chart!
                 For Targets

When entering a trade, you always want to make sure you keep targets, also known as “Take Profits”. Many traders keep a number in mind of how many pips they want to aim for, this is good but there is a more effective way to determine them and ElementFX does it for you. Based on Fibonacci and Support & Resistance, ElementFX will project these lines which are the best for setting take profits and stop-losses. There is no other way of determining exits better than this and these key levels are very effective. You’ll see for yourself.
                 For Stop-Loss

Combine them all!

If you are a type of trader who likes to combine everything possible on a single chart, then you can do so! We will provide you with templates with pre-set settings and combinations that you can use!

Scores a high performance rate!
Very dynamic to use in all aspects!
Easily scalp, mid term and long term trades!
Newbies and Pro's can benefit!