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How much do you need to start forex trading?


You know if you want to start. Forex trading requires a lot of funds. Let me tell You it doesn't have to be big. On the contrary, your account size should be kept smaller until you become stable to win Overtime. If you are still a beginner, in theory, you should not put more than one-third of The monthly income is taken into account; then, as you gradually tilt and gain knowledge and experience, your fund size should, Because you have better trading results that increase accordingly. You know the keywords are gradual because you can't jump in the foreign exchange trading Like people who are level 3 can suddenly be like level 10. You know This is not what will happen. On the contrary, trading is like you move 3 steps forward. 2, steps back - and you repeat it. Process everywhere as part of learning, so you expand your vessel and get the industry Experience in real-time. You prepare your budget just because it cooperates with your Own level.

And this increases the ideal way to conduct forex trading accounts because if you can't put $ 1.000 to $ 1.200, you can't put $ 10.000 to $ 12.000. If you cannot put $ 10.000 to $ 30.000, you cannot put $ 100.000 to $ 300.000. So the question is if you are still struggling with a small amount to make it bigger. For example, it's still trying to divide $ 100 into $ 120, which means it's still. Not One time allows you to increase the account size for various industries' overall position and size. You know. Sometimes I see people get a lot bigger as the trade A little bit thinking. They already know how to win and end up losing, right. So when you start trading, my advice is not to look at a place where you can get a lot bigger and try to find where you can get big ideas instead. So the starting amount is not big, but you are trying to get a big idea in this way. Your risk, Each industry will be much smaller than the big one, but trying to find a place in The goal can be extended. In this way, you can lose the risk of transforming capital investment in the sense that it aims at large targets. You can survive in the market in the long term. So far, it may sound like a big trading account, and it's a lot worse. But this is not true because let me explain a large part of the transaction volume money, for example. Suppose a businessman is trying to do 500 $ 1.000 $ A for his Account and, let's say, other Trader B tries to make the same $ 500 $ 10.000. His account when you compare these industries, which one has more advantages. The answer lies in every yield transaction, just like when Trader A tries to make $ 1.000 with $ 500. In his account, the return rate will be 50 %, but when Trader B tries to do the same $ 500 $ 10.000, he Account the return rate for browsing merchant B will be only 5 %, so trader B. Obviously, in an easy game.

So the more you work hard to earn a smaller amount, the more the bankruptcy rate increases. So if you decide to put your real money into the transaction, the amount is not big if you are considering starting. I know you smoked to make money, but first, you need Smaller batch transactions. A 2 % loss reduction is ideal for all industries, but try to extend the distance as much as possible. You know, try To find a place. You can get a bigger idea instead And increase the batch size as your account becomes larger accordingly. So if you think of these things, those who think about it, because no one cant trade. It's actually an opportunity with enough money because you can learn to prepare for the real deal. You know, until you have enough money to trade. He has time to learn this from books or videos or on the web and acquire enough knowledge and start. Take it first with simulated trading and prepare to increase your trading level. After the simulated transaction, you can start to convert a small amount into a real Trading account And start trading with this account because simulated trading is very suitable for testing your strategy. It can't train part of your spirit, and it's not real money. Therefore, after learning and simulated trading are completed, I suggest using real account trading With a small amount of money.

You think you are ok to lose train your spirit parts in this way, So practically speaking for those who just started trading, even if you have enough For money transactions, I still recommend that you start with a small amount. For example, if you have 5000 $, you divide it into 1000 $ 5 times and start trading. You know we trade here and profit from it right, But sometimes people when they start trading. He smokes, hoping to get a profit within a day.

If you have the available money right in front of you, you try to win back the previous. The loss will be multiple locations or increase a lot of sizes. Therefore, for those who do not have enough confidence, you must create a trading plan. You lose all your money in your account on one premise And start trading for learning. First of all, things from it, Because if you blow the trading account's premise, you want to start small right. Therefore, for those who have enough funds to start a transaction, you'd better start with an early childhood Account and account size. You think this is sure to blow up and gain real trading experience With simulated trading, And those with small account sizes are the first to trade.

You don't need to worry. Once you have basic knowledge, all you need to do is start trading with a demo account And gain enough experience. Then start trading real money with a small account size. Do you think this is definitely disappearing? As I mentioned in the previous video, you can't run out of bullets on the battlefield. You can come back to simulate trading at any time if you are still not confident. Well, there is a tool. I strongly recommend your training. It is called forex. The tester can move forward and backward with multiple charts of many currency pairs, time frames, and the best part about it is that you can even run graphs on weekends. When the market is closed now, they have the latest version of 4 just launched. I use it. Every week when the market is silent or there is no opportunity to trade, I use myself to open and train myself on a strategy, So I strongly recommend trying it. If you haven't tried it yet, I will put it below to check the link. After it comes out so anyway, even if you have a small amount of money, it's certain, because every industry should, according to how much you are executed at first, you can always start small, as your performance gets better start trading on a larger scale. But never trade with big hands from the beginning. Even if you have a lot of money, You need to know your performance, like profit factors, win rate, and the biggest drawdown. But if you don't know it, use a demo account or foreign exchange meter until you are confident. Your strategy Do not rush to profit. The winner in foreign exchange trading is always a turtle, not a rabbit.