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How to successfully trade with a small deposit?


If you do not know how to trade profitably with a small deposit, you will not be successful in trading even with big money. If you do not know what needs to be done and how to make transactions correctly, you will lose more money faster than if you have a small account.

 It is an illusory sense of advantage to have a large amount of money in your account. Most likely, you think that this will give you a head start, allow you to double your deposit in a short time, quit your job, change your life. Dreams are good, but you won't be able to take off on their ghostly wings, but crash on the asphalt in no time!

 You have a deposit of $ 100,000, but you have no trading experience; how will you use it, how will you trade? The probability of its "drain" in the first months is 50 to 1. You forget that experience and psychology solve the problem of the deposit, not its quantity. It's like pouring a full tank of gas into an elite-class car and getting a newbie behind the wheel. And let him reach the finish line through the race track. The chances of survival will be dramatically close to zero!


Change your thinking

It would be best if you changed your thinking from "I want to make a lot of money right now" to "How can I make money?". Think about what you would trade if you had a large account: the strategy, risks, and algorithm. Then you will calculate the profit. Your task is to develop an algorithm and a trading plan not to lose your small deposit. Make the transition in thinking from "money" to "process". Focus on the trading process!

Trade like a sniper

The sniper carefully chooses the target, examines it thoroughly, patiently waits for the moment to fire and hits the target with one movement. Stop trading everything, it's like firing at the market from a machine. Pick up a small number of liquid stocks, trade them, practice your strategy, hone your algorithm on them, and comprehend the market laws.

Consider the risks

Controlling your risks will keep your boat afloat in the sea. Even on a large yacht, you study maps, dangers and do not go full speed into the reefs. We get rid of the cliché - "the rich spend a lot and they do not care!" Rich people always know their risks and how much it will cost them, which is why they preserve and increase their capital. Leave the rest to the cinema and novels!

Controlling emotions

The trader's greed was ruined. Do not seek to win back in every deal and "grab" more, "take on show" market players. The wise say - "Don't make important decisions when you are pleased or when you are sad." The highest Zen for a trader is a neutral calm state like in meditation. It will provide you with a sober view of the market, an assessment of your mistakes and the effectiveness of your strategy.

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Complete mission

It is not the size of your account that matters, but your ability to use it. Of course, if you have a large deposit, then you can trade more volume. But if you don't know HOW to do it, then it is useless. Be in the moment of trading and the profit will find its way to you!