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What is the Forex

Forex (FOReign EXchange - “foreign exchange”) is a global financial market that emerged in the early seventies of the 20th century due to the transition from fixed to floating exchange rates. The emergence of such a market has become vital for ensuring the movement of capital between countries and the functioning of the world economy as a whole.


Forex is not a "market" in the usual sense. It does not have a single-center and a physical place of trade, which makes it possible for anyone to carry out foreign exchange transactions from anywhere in the world.


Fluctuations in exchange rates allow speculative trading, which is a source of potentially high income for market participants. Simply put, if today you bought 100 euros at $ 1.2, and the next day sold them for $ 1.4, then your net profit will be $ 20.


The main function of Forex lies in the free exchange of currencies, which suits both parties.


How does Forex trading work?


To start trading, no special equipment or special education is required. Many people think that trading in the currency market is complicated; some believe that it resembles gambling. However, both are wrong.


Forex trading is a rigorous system based on the principles of fundamental and technical market analysisThe development of computer technology and the Internet makes it possible for anyone to earn money at home using a computer's computing power and their own analytical skills. You do not need deep knowledge of higher mathematics or economic theory for successful trading - a high school course is enough.


Technologically, Forex trading's essence boils down to the following: you install a special program on your PC (like MetaTrader4, Libertex, etc.), which initially contains all the mathematical algorithms, make the desired deposit and start trading. The Forex trader's task comes down to monitoring the offers of the program itself and making decisions.


A common misconception is that making money on Forex requires investments of the order of several thousand dollars. However, professionals believe that for a successful start with a Forex strategy, only $ 10 is enough.


Moreover, if you do not want to risk your finances or want to practice trading, you can open a demo account and start trading.


Forex advantages


Let's list the main theses that reveal the essence of Forex:

  • potentially high profitability - many traders have learned how to extract huge profits from trading, thereby saving and multiplying their own savings;
  • Unlike the stock markets, Forex trading is independent of the Forex market trend. Simply put, profits can be derived both from increases in exchange rates and from decreases;
  • location independence - you can trade Forex from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet;
  • round-the-clock availability of trade.


Thus, Forex is open to everyone who feels the strength and opportunities for successful trading!